Anand Panchu

Anand Panchu is the CEO of The Shotokan Sport Academy in Association with the J.K.A. (Japanese Karate Association). For over 21 years he has been training in the field of martial arts and physical training. He is specialized in strength & conditioning, weight loss, self-defense and sport specific training.

  Today, apart from being a Sensei at his numerous clubs and dojos, he is a certified personal fitness trainer, providing a wide range of services to assist his clients to achieve their fitness goals. He has verse knowledge in different avenues such as nutrition, supplementation, meditation, physiotherapy and first aid. He also focuses on his client’s overall wellbeing and has also provided counselling and motivation when needed.

Sensei Panchu is a dynamic and determine individual on the training ground who projects his positivity and energy hence lifting the moods and confidence of his clients. As a man of discipline and fitness Instructor he has follows a lifestyle choosing healthy habits and routines that is crucial to the mind, body and soul which defines who he is today.

He has a passion for what he does and his goal is to help others and make a positive change in their life.

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