Kerron Claxton

My name is Kerron claxton. I am a personal trainer and a fitness Instructor at Raw Fitness Health Club. I am very passionate about health and fitness. I was always attracted to fitness even before I knew what it really was and what it would do for my life. During my early teenage years, I was heavily involved in the sport of football, which created a path for me to represent the University of Trinidad and Tobago through sport. After a short-lived football career due to injuries at the University level, I decided to go to the gym to take my mind off things. Three months after, I made up my mind to study  Sports and Exercise Science and Sport Management. Today, I have a Bsc in Exercise Science and Biomachanics and a all but dissertation in a Mphil in Sports Management. To conclude, I have been in the fitness field for ten (10) years and counting.

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